We’re Hiring!

The eCommerce industry is constantly growing and as of 2018, the eCommerce pie as grown into mind-boggling USD5 Trillion industry. With an ever growing and ever changing audience, we are constantly challenged to provide the best service for our customers. With that notion in mind, we are always on the lookout for greatness in people and to get them onboard our team. If you desire to be the best in the eCommerce scene and to grow together with us, drop us an email at career@zestads.com

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*Malaysia Only


Media Buyer

Online Marketing Experts Needed! Your work will be forefront of the company. You’ll be given the opportunity to handle your own eCommerce store, creating eye-catching ad copies that sell, directly affecting the profit of the company.


Creative Team

The main support to the media buying team. The creative team is tasked with producing top quality media that will be used for all advertising purposes. From video edits, to graphic design, to even creative compelling story telling that can sell.


Fulfilment & Logistics

Ever wondered if you could shop for others online? Well now you can! In our fulfilment and logistics team, you’ll be tasked with processing all orders by our customers and aliasing with our suppliers to fulfil their orders within a timely manner.


Customer Relations

A person with a big heart to see that our customers get the best care possible. At our customer relations team, you’ll be directly representing the company to assist all enquiries from our customers from around the globe. A strong command of English is a must have.


eCommerce Admin / Web Developer

Often mistaken as the IT guys, your job is to assist in setting up of our ecommerce stores, page layouts, social media business ad accounts, and more. You need to be familiar with platforms like PayPal and Shopify. Coding skills is a must have from HTML, C++, CSS and more. Added coding languages is an added bonus.


Human Resource / Happiness Executive / Administrator

Aside from the usual payroll, and office administration, you’ll also be tasked to ensure the happiness of the employees of the company. You’ll get to plan monthly activities, festive celebrations, office decorations, and more! It’s a fun oriented position, so its an added bonus if you exude fun!


Finance / Accounts

You crush numbers for breakfast & eat finance reports for dinner. Your favourite tech gadget is the calculator and your excel is your playground. Without you, commissions and claims will be in chaos. You must be detailed oriented and great with numbers.


Drop us an email at career@zestads.com if you’re keen to know more about being a part of our team!