ZestAds was formed in 2015 through the merging of Netdomination and M&M Digital.

Netdomination was founded by two former college mates, Joe Tan & Jerry Yue, while M&M Digital was founded by Michael Lee & Rosa Lo from Hong Kong.

Together, ZestAds became a fast growing digital company that focuses on e-commerce which has now grown to a whopping USD 3 Trillion industry.

With skills and expertise in digital marketing and advertising, the company quickly became one of the leading advertising agency in the country which has now expanded from targeting local consumers to international consumers around the globe.

Here at ZestAds we run our own online stores independently selling a huge variety of products ranging from health, beauty, tech gadgets, sports accessories, hobbies and collectible items, and many more.

In the past 5 years, ZestAds has spent well close to USD 10 Million annually on advertising alone.

ZestAds is found in Malaysia(HQ), Taiwan, Hong Kong, and also in the Philippines.

Our Mission

  • To be the market leader in Social Media Advertising across Asia through e-commerce.

  • To expand and dominate the e-commerce scene through our own online stores.

Our Values

  • We Adapt

    Learn and adapt to the speed of change in the e-commerce industry to ensure that our company is constantly at the top to serve the ever-changing customer base of all ages.

  • We Commit

    To serve our customers with the utmost priority and to ensure the moment they click on the endorphin filled “checkout” button to receive the best service until the moment their package arrives at their doorstep.

  • We Care

    The saying of “Happy Employees, Happy Company, Productive Results” ring true here at Zestads. To care about the well being of our employees. That is why our employees are given numerous benefits to be utilized.

  • We Communicate

    Communication is crucial for a safe and efficient working environment. The same practice is applied with our customers as well as we believe transparent and efficient communication with customers and will lead to happy customers that would return.

  • We Believe in Equality

    In this day and age, equality isn’t just a figment of the past. Here at ZestAds, we strongly believe that everyone is entitled to be treated with equal respect despite their ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and beliefs. The same principle is brought over to our customer service experience to provide good and fair treatment along all our customers.